12 December 2008


I have a few personal pet peeves, and maybe a few more than most people. That's simply because I often expect too much out of people, but only what I consider reasonable expectations. Others must disagree.

Being that time of year again, Christmas cards have been arriving on my desk for the past few days. For these I am very grateful and hope in the near future to begin answering them and sending out my own. (I'm even thinking about including a short letter, which I've not done before. We'll see how time goes.)

Every year it happens that some silly card maker thinks - for some bizarre reason - that it would be good to put glitter all over a card. Let it be known that I very strongly dislike these cards.

Consider this. Father So-and-so is quietly sitting at his desk during a quiet moment of the day, happily going through his mail. Naturally, he is in his clerics (the "black suit"). He opens an envelope and glitter flies everywhere. Have you ever tried to remove all traces of glitter from black clothing? It even seems to linger around the office for days.

Remember, friends don't let friends send glitter cards. Please. Thank you.

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