14 December 2008

Real priests wear rose

Society is a most curious collection of people with often contradictory views.

In recent years we have been told - frequently and loudly - that "real men wear pink." Boys are now wearing pink polos and business executives - and lackeys - are wearing pink oxfords.

Take it for what it is worth. It might be right; it might be wrong. Either way, this man does not wear pink, nor do I own anything pink, or with pink in it.

I thought about that phrase, "real men wear pink," as parishioners - and maybe others - either chuckled quietly as I walked by in a rose chasuble this weekend or proffered comments such as, "Father, you look good in rose," with a grin.

If real men do indeed wear pink, why is it such a big - and even laughable - event when a priest or deacon wears rose vestments, as prescribed by Holy Mother Church? If real men wear pink, real priests wear rose, at least according to Fr. Z.

I don't at all mind wearing rose twice each year, and I quiet look forward to it each Advent and Lent.

I simply wish that people would be reasonable and consistent.

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