24 December 2008

Looking for the Messiah

It's always hard to decide what to give a person for Christmas who has passed their eightieth year. By now they already have everything they want and they don't really need anything. The dilemna intensifies when said octogenerian is also a priest, a priest who has helped you tremendously.

Our very generous retired priest mentioned to me last week or the week before that he wanted to borrow my CDs of George Frederick Handel's Messiah. He said he had never heard the piece, but only parts of it. Handel is my favorite composer so I was happy to agree to let him borrow it. Only I kept forgetting to keep it handy and I still haven't lent it to him.

So then I thought: That's the perfect gift for him! Knowing his taste in music I know he'll enjoy it. Only I haven't been able to find a good copy of it in Effingham. In fact, the only copy I've managed to locate is a Thomas Kincade version, which I absolutely refuse to buy.

Do any of you local readers know where I might pick up a copy of it? If homily work goes well and swiftly, I might be able to make a quick trip to Mattoon later this morning.

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