18 December 2008

Catholic radio coming to Effingham!

I received the following very good and exciting news today:

We've recently received a license to operate a 24/7 Catholic radio station in
Effingham on bandwidth FM 91.3.

As you may know, a few years ago some local Catholics came together to form Brindisi Consortium, an Effingham-based 501 (c) 3 charitable organization dedicated to Catholic evangelization and apologetics.

We're very happy about the prospect of being able to provide quality Catholic programming - devotional, catechetical, history, culture, news, and apologetics to our Catholic community.

It's going to be all Catholic, all the time on 91.3! We are assured that Catholic radio bears good fruit in the communities that have it - conversions, people being strengthened in the Faith, people being brought to the Faith.

No word yet on a launch date, but I'll keep you posted. If you would like to contribute toward this worthy cause, please contact me via e-mail and I'll put in contact with the proper people.

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