30 December 2008

Father Fix It

It is common knowledge that priests are often required to be jacks of all trades, as it were. One of those tasks involves being fixers of doors.

When I stepped out of the church Sunday morning to greet people after Mass I discovered that the handle to one of the two main doors was broken:

When I examined the situation after greeting people I saw that the screw was still in the door and must have somehow been unscrewed from the handle. As I pondered - briefly - whether the screw was stripped, it occured to me that this could be either a five second project or a five hour project.

After fetching a screwdriver - and my camera - from the sacristy I returned to the door and set to work. Much to my delight the screw went tightly into the handle and all is fixed. The entire project took all of five seconds:
For the curious, here is an exterior shot - albeit a bit slanted - of the main doors:

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