10 June 2008

Vice or virtue

There is on Facebook.com an application called "Compare People" by which users can compare their friends in a number of various categories.

To be sure, it is a mostly silly and meaningless enterprise, but it can give insights into various personalities by viewing how a number of people "rate" them.

Recently, I received an e-mail saying that I been judged to possess the following positive traits:
  • most powerful (I'm not sure why);
  • toughest (again, I'm not sure why); and
  • most studious (I like this one).

I was also judged to possess the following negative traits, so the e-mail said:

  • most loyal (I'm very pleased at this); and
  • most punctual.

I was struck not so much at the positive characteristics I was judged to possess, but by what passed for negative characteristics: loyalty and punctuality.

These can only be seen as negative qualities by a society which places a great emphasis on the individual and personal "freedom," and very little emphasis on respect of other people and the common good.

It is a very sad society indeed where loyalty is undervalued and seen as a quality not worth possessing. A society that does not value loyalty and honor cannot long survive.

I've often wondered if I wasn't born a century too late and an ocean away from where I truly seem to fit; this only seems to confirm this suspicion.

N.B.: There is an excellent - and lengthy - article on loyalty here.

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