14 June 2008

In honor of the day

The favorite song of Saint Anthony of Padua, which he sang on his deathbed, was O Gloriosa Virginum. Translated into English, it sings something like this:

O Glorious Virgin Mary, exalted far above the heavens,
you nursed your Creator as your very own child.

What was sadly lost through Adam and Eve
you have restored through the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

You opened the doors of heaven to us
who cry out from here below.

Through you came heaven's exalted King,
through you shone the Light of our Salvation, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Give praise all you nations redeemed by Christ,
for Jesus, our life, given through the Virgin Mary.

Glory to you, Lord Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary,
to the Father and the Life-Giving Spirit, for age upon age unending. Amen.

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