15 December 2007

What think you?

The other day I read a chapter of Adrian Fortescue entitled "The Vestments of the Roman Rite" that I found online.

I agreed with much of he says and would like to ask your thought about one of his comments. He writes:
And do not think that a beautiful vestment must be covered with embroidery. Embroidery may be most beautiful. But nearly all now is very bad; not because it is badly worked, but because it is badly designed. If you want embroidery you must get an artist, a real artist, to design it. Plenty of people can work it. But, meanwhile, you can make most beautiful vestments with no embroidery at all. A fine, rich, heavy silk of good colour, well shaped and falling into massive folds, will make as splendid a vestment as one could see.

I think I agree with him, but I'm not quite sure.

Take this vestment, for example, from the Holy Rood Guild:

I've often thought about purchasing it, but I'm not sure if, 1) I would wear it much or 2) if the people would appreciate it. What do you think?

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