29 December 2007

That battle wages on

Some days ago the Pastor fell ill with a severe cold, a cold which I seemed to develop on Christmas day and isn't yet getting any better.

Yesterday evening I went to the pharmacy to pick up more of my favorite Sudafed; it may render me all but useless while I'm on it but it does work wonders. Taking the advice of the pharmacist, I picked up the 24-hour Sudafed. That seems to have been a mistake. I think I'd rather take regular every six hour doses because the keep a constant stream of medicine in the system.

I first noticed the medicine begin to wear off about two and a half hours ago and now I can really feel that it is wearing off. I still have three and a half hours until I am to take another does, per the instructions on the box.

The homily, you may have noticed, is shorter than normal because I simply can't talk too much and still be able to say the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass (the congregation here isn't quite ready for the Eucharistic Prayer in "quiet voice"). I've also largely lifted the homily from the Holy Father because I can't quite seem to keep my thoughts together to prepare a proper homily today. I can function well enough to get by and to clean up my desk, but not much else.

I'll be sure to get to bed early tonight.

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