06 December 2007

Praised be Jesus Christ!

The snow is falling! And it's building up nicely.

Those are words I didn't think I would happily exclaim for quite a long time, but the scenario is different at the moment than I envisioned it.

As the snow falls, the swelling in my wrists and in my fingers is decreasing and slowly returning my appendages to their normal state. Consequently, the falling snow is the happiest site I've seen in a couple of weeks.

If at all possible don't develop arthritis, or at least not a rare form of a rare form of it; it's a miserable thing.

Yesterday I e-mailed my doctor in St. Louis - who happens to be the chair of the departments of rhuematology and pediatrics at both Cardinal Glennon and St. Louis University - to request an increase in my medicine and to make an appointment to see him (it's been more than a year). The secretary made an appointment for me for April 15th!

He has increased my medicine from 3x daily to 4x daily, which should help signifantly; I'll know for sure by Monday. I also bumped my appointment up to February 26th, so as to not to keep from my possibly seeing the Holy Father in Washington, D.C. May God bless him!

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