10 December 2007

Those silly reporters

In his Reuters article "'Golden Compass' disappoints at box office," about the movie's less than expected weekend revenues, Dean Goodman writes:

Even though the film downplays the religious aspect, it has been savaged by such groups as the Catholic League and the U.S. Conference of Bishops

Until today I wasn't aware that "savage" could be used as a verb. Were you? I did check it out; the dictionary says it is. Now we know.

But more than that, what strikes me is how Goodman sets the Catholic League and the USCCB in the same camp regarding their toward the movie.

You might recall that the Catholic League called for a boycott of the film while the USCCB's Office for Film and Broadcast gave the movie a decent review. This is hardly to sides of the same camp, something that New Line Cinema picked up on.

This reporter might want to doublecheck his facts the next time he writes such an article.

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