02 December 2007

Around the blogosphere

These should keep you busy for a while:

  • In preparation for his feast later this week, Thom at Ad Dominum has a post about St. Nicholas. He also has a post about the sounds of various goats and helps to distinguish these from the sound of a sheep (I'm not really sure why).
  • Fr. V. at Adam's Ale has a post about the Advent wreath. He also has a humorous - and yet insightful - post about that "nerdy Advent kid."
  • Fr. Benjamin at Holy Priesthood has a nice post reflecting on the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
  • Amy of Charlotte Was Both lets us know that the U.S. Bishop's new document on sacred music is finished. Remember, it wasn't voted on the by the full Conference or sent to the Holy See for a recognitio so, like that dreaded Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, it is not binding.
  • Jimmy Akin has a helpful post on Philip Pullman.
  • Fr. Stephanos at Me Monk. Me Meander has a post on Advent highlighting its dual nature.
  • Jeff Cavins has a post on Advent and offers two questions for our pondering.
  • The Curt Jester has the Holy Father's recent Encyclical Spe salvi available as a speech file.
  • Fr. Toborowsky at Young Fogeys has an open letter to Pope Benedict XVI.

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