23 December 2007

Arthritis index

In an attempt to see how much snow to expect to fall today I went to http://www.accuweather.com/.

Despite the fact that snow is currently falling - and has been for twenty minutes - and my arthritis seems to be telling me more is on the way, no snow seems to be in the forecast.

Maybe we won't get much snow and my arthritis is acting up because of a forecasted 48 degrees on Christmas Day.

Nevertheless, my visit to http://www.accuweather.com/ was not a complete waste of time. I discovered their new Arthritis Index.

Today's arthritis index is "extreme" (though I knew that as soon as I awoke). I'm not sure this index will be terribly helpful, but it is interesting.

The index includes the categories: Low, Moderate, High, Very High and Extreme.

Just out of curiosity I checked Honolulu's arthritis index: LOW... You can be sure I'll be checking this one every other day or so...

They have lots of indices (the plurual of index is not indexes, but indices) there (with today's rankings for Effingham):
  • Air Quality: Good
  • UV: Low
  • Pollen: High (I didn't realize pollen was around in the winter)
  • Barbeque: Poor (do we really need an index for this?)
  • Mosquito: Low (always good to know)
  • Dog Walking: Fair
  • Running: Poor (it's too windy, though I don't know why that doesn't make dog walking poor, too)

As the snow falls I dream of sunny skies, warm breezes and the scent of the ocean...

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