27 July 2007

A new award

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has given me the Blogger Reflection Award. She writes:

Fr. Daren of Servant and Steward's blog is in one word...GREAT. In that I mean, here is a priest, a young priest at that, who has a great sense of humor yet is so profound in his homilies and reflections. Yes, there are other wonderful blogger priests like Fr. Daren but somehow, his personal stories have really left an impression with me. He is also the first blogger (other than my Hawaii friends) that I have met in person.
Thanks, Esther! I'm very grateful!

Be sure to take a look at her other awardees.


  1. I agree with the lot of it, too.

  2. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Congratulations Fr. Daren!

  3. A well deserved bit of recognition.

  4. Father, you really deserved the award.