19 July 2007

Back in the saddle

It's been a quiet day back in the parish. I spent most of the day unpacking and settling back in the rectory (I spent virtually no time in the office) and working on several projects that desparately need massive amounts of work (to which I hope to devote tomorrow).

When school resumes - before any of us know it - I will be teaching in a different classroom than last year; this year I'll be in the same room for both of my classes :) But, as yet, we're not quite sure where that room will be. It might be that I get my very own room (for which I am very hopeful) and it might not. At any rate, I spent a good part of the morning sorting through my old room and removing things from the walls, collecting my chess sets, finding textbooks, and generally putting my things all in one spot. I have the rosters for my classes and I think I'm satisfied; I do expect a few transfers into my classes yet, though.

Another large part of the day was spent sorting through insurance papers resulting from that nasty dislocated shoulder I suffered back in Paradise (from which, incidentally, I returned two months ago yesterday; I still miss it dearly). Let me tell you - as if you didn't already know - insurance papers are not any fun at all. I think a group of people sat down to create the most indecipherable papers imaginable and created special ways to send you lots of them all at the same time for different things. I know that I filled out and sent in - at least - five papers all asking how the injury happened, when and where it happened, if it was work related and if someone else was involved/responsible. I don't want to fill out another one. Why can't it all be put together in one document, clear and to the point: when all is said and done, you owe this; we paid this. That would be too easy, I suppose.

[On a much happier note, a friend - who happens to be a Bishop who was appointed on the same day that Bishop Silva was appointed to Honolulu - called me last week to ask some questions about the Liturgical Institute. In the course of our conversation he mentioned he had spoken to Bishop Silva recently and that His Excellency sent his greetings through my friend, the Bishop. It's nice to be remembered in Hawaii :) I will return...]

I'm going to post a couple of other items and then offer the Mass.

Blogging will be lighter than normal through Monday; just a heads up.


  1. Welcome back to the real world.

  2. Insurance forms are designed by the same people that design forms for the IRS - and I used to do tax returns for a living!

    Ah yes, I too miss Hawaii. I hope to get back there next year.

  3. Father, how nice to be remembered by Bishop Silva! It will be nice to have you visit again.

  4. There's a phrase that sums up reality quite well, but under the circumstances, I won't use it.

  5. And remember, I've had a bit more time to observe it.