25 July 2007

In the honor of the day

If you haven't yet read it, or if you haven't read it in a while, be sure to read the Holy Father's catechesis on St. James the Greater, whose feast we celebrate today. It's well worth it.

As you might have guessed, blogging will be light this week as there are a number of items in the fire at the moment. The contest with the paper continues, and likely will for some time. I have a funeral tomorrow, an office to organize, classes to prepare and host of other things. I'll to post a little something each day for your enjoyment, but no promises.


  1. St. James today. Sts. Anne and Joachim tomorrow. It's a good week. :-)

  2. You are kind to think of your blog readers even though you are busy. What ever you hav time to write will be happily read by your friends.

    Have a good week. Do you have a vacation coming up to get a break?

  3. I doubt it, Ellen. Too much work to be done. That's the danger of being a fine priest.