30 July 2007

Just for Thom

Jeff from Thursday Night Gumbo sent me this picture from the Rough Riders playing at the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Texas: Thom of Ad Dominum is bound to get a kick out of this picture, but he might well kick back, too!

In his e-mail, Jeff points out: "You'll notice that the world's greatest soft drink is definitely in fair territory." It is, after all, the King of Beverages, which, incidentally, sounds like a great name for a web site.


  1. Ah, the great debate continues. What ammo will we see this time???

  2. What Debate? The matter has been long decided. We pray for those who refuse to see the light.

  3. Padre, Padre.... Don't you think it's sad that Dr. Pepper needs all of that advertising in hopes that someone who has never tried it... might?

    I must warn them. If that largish bottle of Dr. Pepper explodes like my cans of Diet Dr. Pepper did, that whole stadium could be in danger.

    Wait a minute... that's it! Dr. Pepper is un-patriotic because... they support terrorism! It's a weapon of mass destruction.

    Be American. Drink Mountain Dew.


  4. Since I am not a "Pepper" nor do I "Do the Dew" I would never debate which is better. However Brad, I knew this would re-spark the "great debate" between our dear man of the cloth and the book guy.