29 March 2007

Praised be Jesus Christ!

I'm glad we in the United States don't have to hear confessions in these oddly shaped contraptions. They look so very uncomfortable! It almost looks as though our dear and beloved Holy Father can barely fit in it, and he isn't a very large man...


  1. Apparently penance for the priest is to sit in this confessional.

  2. That's very true.

    I've discovered that most confessionals in the United States - like sanctuaries - are either roasting or freezing. Penance, indeed!

  3. Thats too bad.. I know that we do have beautiful confessionals like that here in the states. There are a blessing and a joy. You should try one out, the feel of the real box gets your focus correct.

  4. Fr. Daren,

    Did you ever watch the BBC show Ballykissangel? The first episode deals with a new air conditioned and fax equiped confessional that was delivered to the church. A very funny episode to watch if you have never seen it.

  5. Hammerbrecher: I have used "the real box" and I have nothing against them, so long as the priest can actually fit into his seat. In the picture, it looks as though our beloved Pontiff can barely fit in. It could, of course, simply be the picture.

    Ellen: I've heard of the show but I've not yet seen it. I'll keep my on BBC America and if I see it I'll have a watch. Thanks!

  6. Try your local library - sometimes they have it in their DVD library.