28 March 2007

Interior of Annunciation Parish

This picture of the sanctuary is a bit blurry and titled - I have must have been tired - but you get the idea. This is the only parish in our Diocese dedicated to the Annunciation.

You cannot tell too easily in this picture, but Our Lady of the Annunciation holds the Holy Spirit in her hands. The six candle sticks are kept on the high altar all year long.

On the left side of the sanctuary is the Sacred Heart and - during Lent - a large cross. There is also usually a smaller statue of Mary where is the cross is outside of Lent.

St. Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church watches over the baptismal font.

I am told that the church can hold 238, with seating for anotehr 60 people in the choir loft and in the cry room.

This picture doesn't really do justice to the Stations of the Cross.


  1. You just made my morning. For something built in the last half of the 20th century, this interior is very, very good. Seeing those candlesticks where they belong may have made my week.

  2. I'm glad I could help! I, too, am impressed with this little church, especially given the time it was built.

    These parishioners are faithful people who have a great love of Jesus Christ and his Church.

    I still have my eye set on becoming pastor here...

  3. For a church that new to even HAVE a high altar impresses me. It's a beautiful church, and it's nice to see that they keep the candlesticks where they belong. I understand why you'd like to pastor at that parish.

  4. You think like the Roving Medievalist...

  5. Now don't blame me. I'd imagine a lot of people have the same thoughts, but aren't as vocal about it.