21 March 2007

The interviewer cometh

This morning a reporter from the Catholic Times will be visiting me to interview for a series of stories they are working on. Bishop Lucas - as I understand it - has asked the Catholic Times to provide a series of stories - interviews of sorts, really - with priests of the Diocese during the month of April as a way to highlight priestly vocations. I think there is also a move to do something of the same for the diaconate, but that will come later.

The reporter called me the other day and we arranged the appointment shortly before I teach class at the high school. After our interview, she wants to take pictures of me teaching my sophomore class. I have asked the class to be on their best behavior - I hope they come through; they can be a rowdy bunch.

I am always a bit leary working with reporters because so many of them seem to the innate ability to simply get the story wrong. I do not say this to disparage all reporters but, as in many things, a few bad reporters leave all of us wondering about the quality of the reporter sitting in front of us.

Even so, I think I'm worried more about my class :c]


  1. They'll probably come through with flying colors, but they may be watching you for signs of fear when the reporter walks in. Young people enjoy making teachers squirm.
    As for the press, an old friend of mine was an assistant editor. Whenever we were both at a meeting, I'd read the next edition with trepidation. If he thought something needed to be said, he'd quote me as saying it. Got to the point where I'd just call him at the office the next morning and ask what I'd said the night before.

  2. As a whole, the interview went well. I rather enjoyed the conversation and found our thinking to be very much in common.

    My students also behaved very well. They respectable and - oddly enough - orderly, at least until the reporter left the class room. At that point, they went right back to their usual boisterous selves.

    I wonder if I shouldn't bring a guest in every day and see how long it takes them to figure it out...