20 February 2007

To the war room

Today I traveled to Springfield for a meeting of the Personnel Board for the Diocese. Together with my brother priests who were elected to this board we help advise the Bishop on the assignment of priests. I am still trying to determine why I was elected as I've not even been ordained two years yet...

There is certainly an overwhelming number of circumstances to take into consideration with each possible assignment and, being much more of a visual guy in these areas, I suggested something perhaps a bit new: a big map of the Diocese with plastic churches and figures of all of the priests.

I think it would be immensely helpful in keeping the different possibilities straight.

The Vicar General, however, did not seem to agree with me, saying it would be too much like Hitler's war room. He might be right.


  1. The mental image that conjured up made my morning. The Vicar General, however, needs to remember that FDR and Churchill had war rooms, too.

  2. A war room sounds nifty... complete with a detachment from the KofC standing guard by the door.

  3. Sounds like you should get out the Stratego game board and change the pieces to have Roman collars.

    Good luck with this assignment. You will do a great job and you can provide some insight from a fresh and young point of view. I am sure you would not have been selected if your Bishop did not feel that you could contribute.

  4. I'll have to bring up the point about Roosevelt and Churchill. Thanks!

    I love the addition of the Knights of Columbus!

    And I might just take up your thought about a Stratego board. What would they say if I just brought my own board?

    Your prayers in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Of course, you could get out the green plastic army men and paint their clothes black with Roman collars and use them. And you could take the plastic indians and paint them to look like the K of C guard.

    Of course you will be remembered in my prayers.

  6. Oh, I don't know. I rather like the thought of suits of armor, orcs, dragons and the like...

  7. Okay, okay. You are into the medival thing, I am not. Nor was my son. The plastic army men on the other hand - a favorite of his once the original "Toy Story" came out. You like dragons, he likes tanks.

    Any way, I like the idea of the "war room" decor with some type of map. Perhaps you could decorate your personal suite with this!

  8. That's true, I do like the medieval thing. I sometimes wonder if I wasn't born a millenium too late and an ocean away.