20 February 2007

Dueling priests

Saturday evening, after celebrating Mass at our mission church and rushing back to baptize the last three people from our parish to be baptized before Lent, I attended a "Variety Show" held by our grade and high school.

I very much enjoyed the evening! We have such talented students and I only wish we would give the opportunity to share their gifts more often. The overwhelming majority of the acts were musical in nature, although they were a number of dance pieces, as well.

The second to the last act was put on by two surprise guests: the Pastor I. We sat down opposite each other at two different clavinova keyboards and, under the direction of our parish music director, we played the theme from Deliverance, otherwise known as "Dueling banjoes." Although rather silly and corny, it was a big hit!

Someone took a picture of the two of us in action and if the picture happens to come my way I'll be sure to post it.


  1. Does this mean that your rectory is a trailer?

  2. Thankfullly, no :)

    You can see pictures of the rectory through my web site: www.servantandsteward.org. Follow the link through the "Gallery" button on the left.

  3. Glad to see that your accomodations are way above "trailer park" level. It's just that "Deliverence" thing brings it to mind!