17 July 2006

Welcome to our world!

On the Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Saturday, 15 July 2006, at 6:19 p.m., Matthew William Zehnle came forth from his mother's womb and entered this world, a beautiful gift to two happy parents and a very happy - and impatiently driving - uncle.

At birth, Matthew weighed eight pounds and four ounces and was nineteen and a half inches long. His coloration was a bit grey so the doctors put him on oxygen until his coloration improved; by Sunday morning he was off of the oxygen and his color was normal.

Little Matthew seems to have been born with a bit of pnuemonia (there was also some concern as to strep throat but that has proven not the case) and will consequenlty be in the hospital for another five days. Mom will be discharged later today so she will not have nurses checking in on her (thereby unecessarily spending large amounts of money), but she will be able to use the room she is in to hold and cuddle her new son. Matthew was taken off of the IVs - except for one for antibiotics - this morning and is now eating/drinking from a bottle and is contentedly in his parents arms. His father is on cloud nine and has held him this morning for the first time.

Because he was kept in the nursery, I have not yet been able to hold him, but he is a beautiful baby who - even with the IVs and oxygen - has been resting quite nicely. Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well, and Uncle is now back to classes and writing papers. I hope to be able to return early next week to hold my nephew.

Many thanks again for all of your prayers, support, and encouragement!

Saints Bonaventure, Matthew and William, pray for him!

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