09 July 2006

Childhood revisited

Today as I drove back to the Liturgical Institute from my weekend at the parish, I decided that I needed a DrPepper, always my beverage of choice.

And so seeing a Target, and to quench my thirst and to satisfy my need for caffeine, I left the Interstate - which I am always happy to do - and entered the store.

Thinking it rather silly to go into a Target simply for one DrPepper, I visited the electronics department and looked for a movie that I might watch tonight as I had planned then to write a paper this evening.

As my eyes surveyed the selection of movies, most of which I have never heard of, in a passing glance one title stopped me in tracks.

When I was a boy there a television show made by Jim Henson and his crew which featured, quite natually, his masterfully puppetry and visual skills, coupled with his wonderful narrative vision. Each week I looked forward to this show and I recall being rather upset when it was no longer on the air.

This show - the definitive collection of it - I found on DVD: Jim Henson's, The Storyteller.

If you are of a like mind, I highly recommend this collection, even these many years later.

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