03 July 2006

Another good one

What follows are a couple of snipets from Pope Benedict XVI's homily he delivered on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

"...the Lord is continually on a journey towards the Cross, towards the lowliness of the suffering and slain servant of God, but at the same time, he is also headed toward the vastness of the world, in which He goes before us as the Risen Lord, in order that the light of his word and the presence of his love may shine forth in the world; he is on a journey because it is through Him, the crucified and risen Christ, [that] God enters the world."

"The barque of the Church is forever being buffeted by the wind of ideologies that penetrate it with their waters, seemingly condemning it to sink. And yet, precisely in the Church's suffering, Christ is victorious. In spite of everything, faith in Him always draws new strength. Today also the Lord commands the waters, and shows himself as Lord over the elements. He stays on his boat, the ship of the Church. Thus even in the ministry of Peter there is revealed the weakness of what comes from man, but also the strength of God."

"The prayer of Jesus is the limit posed on the power of evil. The prayers of Jesus are the protection of the Church. We can seek refuge under his protection, cling to it and be sure of it."

"The Church, at its core, is a Eucharistic community, and therefore a communion in the Body of the Lord."

"His power is not a power according to the rules of this world. It is a power of goodness, of truth and love, which is stronger than death. Yes, his promise is true: the power of death, the gates of hell, will not prevail against the Church He built for Peter (cf. Matthew 16:18), and that He, precisely in this way, continues to build up in person."

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