28 July 2006

Advanced Catholic Training

This past Sunday and Monday I spent at the Villa Maria in Springfield with a group of high school from across the Diocese gathered together to pray, to grow in the knowledge of the faith, and to join in fellowship.

On Sunday I spoke to the youth about the Sacred Scriptures and on Monday I spoke about the Sacraments, and a great many other topics besides. I spoke for nearly four hours each day, which I must admit was quite exhausting. Only this morning have I recovered from it, and just in time to drive across the state to visit my nephew.

Throughout the days they were very attentive and had many good questions. I celebrated the Holy Mass on Sunday night with them and was very moved at their prayerf
ulness. They responded well; they sang well; they listened well; and they sat well in silence and prayed! Never before have I celebrated the Eucharist and heard no coughing, no shuffling, no page turning, etc., during the moments of silence. These youth have a deep love of the Lord Jesus Christ and for this I am deeply grateful.

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to spend those two days with them. I look forward with great joy to many more such opportunities in the years to come.

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