05 June 2016

Would you like to help a couple adopt a child?

When I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land two Christmases ago with Steve Ray (which I highly recommend!), his daughter Charlotte and her husband Wes were on the same pilgrimage.

Yesterday, Steve invited us to do "something nice & Prolife" on his blog, Defenders of the Catholic Faith, by buying a piece of Wes and Charlotte's adoption puzzle. The idea behind it is both simple and clever, as Charlotte explains on her blog, Finding Baby Sorrill:
Wes and Charlotte Sorrill
We have customized a 252 piece puzzle. I actually painted it by hand, uploaded to photoshop for the text (I have terrible handwriting) and then had the image printed on a puzzle!
  • Each piece will represent someone who donated to help us bring home our baby! 
  • Each puzzle piece is a minimum donation of $25! 
  • You may want to be represented on 1 piece of our puzzle or many pieces! 
  • Your name will be written on the back of each piece that you represent. 
Once the puzzle is finished it will be framed in a double sided glass frame and hung in our sweet baby's nursery. It will forever be a cherished piece of art and reminder of who was part of our journey with us [more]!
Adopting a child is an expensive endeavor because of the many legal requirements and fees. This is a creative way to help pay those costs and to involve other members of the Body of Christ in the process. If you can help, please do!

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