01 June 2016

Pope Francis asks prayers for priests

During his General Audience Address yesterday in St. Peter's Square, His Holiness Pope Francis called upon the faithful to pray for their priests throughout the month traditionally devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, saying, "I invite everyone to pray [to] the Heart of Jesus for the entire month of June and to support with closeness and affection your priests so that they always reflect the image of that Heart full of merciful love."

To take up the Holy Father's call, you might consider posting this prayer somewhere were you will see it each day:
Remember, O most loving heart of Jesus, that they for whom I pray are those for whom you prayed so earnestly the night before your death.  These are they to whom you look to continue with you in your sorrows when others forsake you, who share your griefs and have inherited your persecutions, according to your word: That the servant is not greater than his Lord.  Remember, O heart of Jesus, that they are the objects of the world's hatred and Satan's deadliest snares.  Keep them then, O Jesus, in the safe citadel of your sacred heart and there let them be sanctified in truth. May they be one with you and one among themselves, and grant that multitudes may be brought through their word to believe in you and love you.
Biretta tip to the Catholic News Agency for the prayer.

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