11 June 2016

Back in the Matrix?

Whenever one moves from one house to another, there are many tasks which require your attention, such as changing your mailing address with your subscriptions and packing up your books, which makes your rooms feel empty. The process of moving is always a bit daunting and especially so when moving across an ocean.

Most of my things are now packed into boxes which sit outside my two rooms here in Rome waiting to be shipped to Springfield where I will soon take up residence as the Parochial Vicar at St. Agnes Parish. While the packing of my things provided a happy distraction from studies, the prospect of arranging for the purchase of a new car from some 5,000 miles away was less than pleasant, especially as I will need a car shortly after returning home.

Just before I moved to Rome I sold my Toyota Matrix to two friends who were recently married and were looking for another vehicle. The Matrix had served me very well over the eight years that I owned it and made the sometimes tedious task of driving across central Illinois much more pleasant and enjoyable.

I had given a little thought to the purchase of a new vehicle last summer and considered buying a different model from Toyota until I borrowed my old Matrix for a few days. After only a few seconds in the driver's seat before I knew I wanted another Matrix because the car handles incredible well, provides a comfortable ride with seats that sit higher than those in most cars, and is simply fun to drive. It seemed I had forgotten how much I enjoyed driving the Matrix, so much so that I jokingly threatened last summer to keep the car.

With this memory in mind, I recently contacted the dealership from which I bought the Matrix only to learn the model had unfortunately been discontinued. The dealer looked for a used Matrix for me, but without success.

After learning this, I (somewhat in jest) sent a text message to the friends to whom I sold the car telling them the dealership was "having difficulty finding another Matrix." To my great surprise, they asked, "Wanna buy your [M]atrix back?" Naturally, I did, and after a few messages sent back and forth the offer was serious because, though they, too, enjoyed the Matrix, they were thinking of looking for a truck.

The car now has around 195,000 miles on it, but that shouldn't be any problem at all; it is, after all, a Toyota. In fact, there are several 2005 Matrices - such as this one - with more than 300,000 miles on them, though, because the odometer apparently stops at 299,999 miles, the owners aren't quite sure how many miles the Matrices have traveled.

I'm very excited that I'll be back in the Matrix in just over a week's time!

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