03 May 2016

Discovering Damien on EWTN

The Little J Production Company has produced "Discovering Damien: Saint of Moloka'i," a program in which Father Nathan Cromly, C.S.J. and twenty college students set out to encounter the Leper Priest:

At one point, the  Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) was going to air the hour-long program on May 10th, his feast day, but I do not now see it on the programming schedule for May 10th. It is, however, scheduled to air on Sunday, May 15th.

Be sure to check your local listings for the time of the broadcast!


  1. Hi! The show will actually be aired on May 10th at 10 pm Eastern Time! God bless you!

    1. Mahalo, Father! I was able to watch all but the last seven minutes of it - because I had to go to class - and greatly enjoyed it. It brought back many happy memories of my time spent at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and of several visits to Kalaupapa.