16 May 2016

Il Volto Santo magazine published in English for the first time

For the past one hundred and ten years, the Papal Basilica of the Sanctuary of the Holy Face has published a magazine to promote devotion to the Volto Santo, the Holy Face of Jesus present on a piece of byssus - a cloth made from the silk of mollusks - found by the Apostles Peter and John in the tomb of Christ Jesus (cf. John 20:6). This magazine has now been published in English for the first time.

Under the editorial hand of Mr. Antonio Bini, various articles, stories, and homilies from the past few years have been translated and included in the book titled, The Holy Face: From Manoppello to the World. I am happy to say the two homilies I translated by Archbishop George Ganswein and by Archbishop Edmond Y. Farhat are included in this volume.

On his excellent blog, The Holy Face of Manoppello, Raymond Frost has posted a link to the full text of this special volume. I encourage you to follow his blog for news and photographs of the Volto Santo and to read The Holy Face: From Manoppello to the World. It is hoped that additional English volumes will follow.

In his introduction to The Holy Face, Father Carmine Cucinelli, rector of the basilica, referred to those of us who contributed to the book as "witnesses and disseminators of the Holy Face." Please remember us - and, more importantly, our efforts to make the Holy Face more known - in your prayers.

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