09 May 2016

New image of Father Tolton installed in Q.U. chapel

Friends send bits of news to me every day, for which I'm grateful even if I've already seen most of it, but every now and then something comes through that I haven't seen. Such is the case with the happy and surprising news that a new image of the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton was recently installed in the chapel of Quincy University:
On Sunday, April 24, 2016, Father Irenaeus Kimminau, O.F.M., said the Holy Mass and ministered the blessing of the painting, at St. Francis Solanus Chapel, Q.U's main chapel.  The prayers  of Q.U. faculty and students, and local Quincy residents were offered along with the beautiful accompaniment of the organ, played by Brother Ed Arambasich, O.F.M. [more].
It was the 130th Anniversary of Father Tolton's ordination.
I'm not sure how I never heard anything about this until a few days ago, but it seems I'm not alone as I haven't seen any news coverage the installation or blessing.

Painted by Isabel Armengol and measuring four feet by six feet, the painting seeks to commemorate Father Tolton's first Holy Mass, which he offered in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome on 25 April 1886:

It now hangs above the side altar to the right of the sanctuary in the university chapel (which is one my favorite places in the Gem City and the most beautiful place to pray). I'm looking forward to casting my own eyes upon the image shortly after my return to Quincy in forty-five days.

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