12 January 2016

Mumbai declares No Selfie Zones

As men, women, and children throughout the world fall more in love with themselves and become even more thoughtless as they take selfies so that other people can admire them, we have seen selfie sticks banned in museums, at music festivals, and at sporting events.

This thoughtlessness and self-absorption has reached such a high level that the Russian government has created an infographic on the safe use of selfie sticks.

In an even greater effort to protect the self-absorbed, unthinking hordes, the city of Mumbai, in preparation for the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela, has created selfie free zones after an 18-year-old woman drowned last week while taking a selfie:
Signs saying "no selfie zone" can be seen around the two festival sites in the city, which is the capital of Maharashtra state.
Mumbai police spokesperson Dhananjay Kulkarni told the BBC that the places where taking selfies was risky included Bandra Bandstand, Sion Fort and Worli Fort, all places popular with tourists.

"The police will now approach the city's municipality to prevent accidents at such spots due to people taking selfies. The municipality may deploy life guards and install warning signs," Mr Kulkarni said. 

The police warning follows Saturday's incident when three girls trying to take a selfie near the sea in the Bandra area fell into the water.

One of them drowned and her body is yet to be recovered [more].
What does it say about modern humanity that such zones and warnings are even necessary?

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