18 January 2016

Edward Pentin writes about the return of the Holy Face to Rome

Earlier today, Edward Pentin filed a report with the National Catholic Register about Saturday's pilgrimage procession with an image of the Volto Santo of Manoppello. Pentin and I had met on a previous occasion, so it was good to see him at this important moment in the life of the Church.

Just outside the church of Santo Spirito in Sassia, Pentin asked if I would say a few words about the events in which had participated up to that moment. I was happy to comment on the day and he worked some of my words into his article:
American priest Father Daren Zehnle, who has been to visit the Shrine of the Holy Face six or seven times, said he fell in love with the image the first time he saw it. Retracing the pilgrimage on Saturday was “deeply moving,” he said, “as if the Lord is calling us to look upon the face of His love, the face of His mercy.”

He also has no doubt the image is the true icon, the Veil of Veronica. “If you look at the evidence put together by Paul Badde, of the historical movements of the Holy Face through the centuries, and if you put that before a court in any country, they would decide in favor of the Holy Face to be that very cloth that came out of the tomb. I don’t see any possible way it could be denied.
Be sure to read the rest of his story here.

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  1. So happy that you were present for such an important and historic event. You are truly a servant of His Holy Face.