14 November 2015

When words fail

In the aftermath of last night's horrific terrorist attacks in the city of Paris, one world leader after another - almost to a person - has expressed his or her "shock" at what the Islamic State did in the French capital. How is this possible?

The Islamic State has for months now been telling us an attack in the West would come, with Paris, London, Washington, D.C., and Rome being among the targets. The Islamic State even said in March that it wants Paris before these other cities. We have known for months that fighters of the Islamic State in sleeper cells are in Europe.

If there is any reason to be shocked at what occurred last night, it is only that it did not happen sooner.

Perhaps the world leaders have said they are shocked at what happened because words often fail us in the face of such violence. It would be better to express horror, anger, grief, disgust, or other similar reactions, than to express shock.

Then again, maybe they did not take seriously the threats of the Islamic State and thought them inconsequential and so truly are shocked. If this is the case, we all have reason to be very concerned indeed.

If the Islamic State could launch such an attack in Paris, it can do so anywhere in Europe and, yes, even in the United States of America. The threat of the Islamic State is more serious than any world leader has yet been willing to admit. Let us hope this will soon change. Let us pray for the conversion of their hearts and for our safety.

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