13 November 2015

An untimely announcement

Whenever I receive an e-mail, Microsoft Outlook - per my instructions - plays a wav file from one of my favorite old computer game announcing, "You have a message, my lord." (When I get a backlog of e-mails, I change the announcement to, "You have messages waiting, my lord.")

Both messages serve as a humorous alert (at least to me) of the new e-mail(s) and also as a summons to get to work in answering it (which I do not always do well; I tend to go through e-mail in spurts, sometimes even printing them out, scribbling down a response, and then finally clearing out the clogged inbox all at once). Sometimes, however, the annoucement can cause a bit of embarrassment.

A short while ago I placed a telephone call to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) seeking statistics on the number of infants and children who received the sacrament of Baptism and later receive the sacrament of Confirmation, data which will be useful in my thesis on the canonical age for the reception of the sacrament Confirmation.

As I spoke with a gentlemen at CARA who helped track down the information (at least as best as we have it), my computer somewhat loudly announced, "You have a message, my lord!" If he heard my herald, the man at CARA kindly made no response.

On that note, happy Friday!

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