17 November 2015

Looking for a good (desktop) wallpaper?

Who does not like a well-designed, interesting, humorous, or inspiring desktop wallpaper? Lately I have found my favorite images for such a use at Eucatastrophe where someone named Dan takes various quotations from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and creates beautiful posters with them. Take this one, for example, which I have used for the past several weeks now:

It fits very nicely on the desktop and allows (purposely or not) a column on either side of the image where useful icons can handily be placed, as seen in this picture used in the Annuario 2015-2016 published by the Canon Law Faculty of the Pontifical Gregorian University:

It seems my hair is greying nicely.
The photograph was not entirely staged, though it was taken at the beginning of one of our classes. I knew the photographer was in the row behind me and thought the desktop image might look nicer in a photograph than a Word document.

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