26 November 2015

A blessing of outdoor Christmas lights?

In addition to Black Friday - which once was known as Green Friday - and Cyber Morning, another celebratory day is apparently becoming associated with the celebrations of Thanksgiving: Lighting Day (it was new to me, too).

Lighting Day is apparently another designation for Thanksgiving Day for those who delight themselves and their neighbors by filling their yards with Christmas lights and various related decorations - like my my brother the redneck (he likes the epithet) - because they throw the switch, as it were, tonight to illumine their displays.

My brother has been decorating his yard for several years now and each year he adds something to his spectacle. To date, one of his proudest pieces allows him to set and times his lights to various musical pieces.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when he sent a message yesterday with the following request:
I thought it would be nice to say a short prayer at the beginning of each round,(lights on, no blinking, very classy) and thought to myself it would be really cool to have you say the prayer.
He went on to say that he thought I might think the request "crazy or something" (it is a little odd), but I told him I was up for the challenge and composed the following prayer for him:
From before the dawn of civilization, Almighty God,
humanity has daily looked with hope for the rising of the morning star
whose light brings joy and warmth, order and peace to our lives.

Let these lights lit in anticipation of the coming of the true Morning Star,
increase our joy and strengthen our hope
that a Savior has indeed been born for us
whose coming again we now await in eager expectation.

As these lights give warmth and peace to our hearts,
may they remind us to order our days and nights
around him who is the light of the world.
May they also enlighten the hearts of those who do not yet love him
to seek the Child of Bethlehem.

As we watch for the full dawning in glory
of the light which the darkness cannot overcome,
may we be found faithful to receive the Morning Star and enjoy his splendor
who lives and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever.

I'm not really sure how he's going to incorporate this into his display and told him I expect a video (or at least pictures) or this year's decorations.

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