07 July 2015

Russian government teaches people how to safely take selfies

As the scourge of the selfie and the selfie stick continues to grow, the Russian government has launched a "Safe Selfie" campaign after several people were recently injured while taking pictures of themselves:
An illustrated booklet has been issued warning people about dangerous selfie scenarios, including snapping a photo while halfway up an electricity pylon, standing in front of an oncoming train, or while in the company of a wild animal. Police officers will also hold selfie-safety lessons at schools, according to the ministry.
The authorities say several recent incidents involving young people could have been avoided. In May, a 21-year-old woman survived accidentally shooting herself in the head while posing for a selfie with a gun in Moscow. There have also been several cases of children being electrocuted while taking selfies on top of railway carriages [more].
If this does not demonstrate the stupidity of selfies, I don't know what does or will. As museums and amusement parks (including Disney) throughout the world, rather than attempting to teach people how to take selfies safely, maybe governments should simply ban selfies. Who knows, maybe it would help diminish the self-absorption of modern man.

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