28 July 2015

Bishop Paprocki on Planned Parenthood videos: "We should be shocked and appalled at this moral depravity"

Responding to the horrific activities of Planned Parenthood exposed in recent days in a series of undercover videos, His Excellency the Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki said in a video of his own that "we should be shocked and appalled at this moral depravity."

After describing the revelations detailed in a series of recently released videos, the Bishop of Springfield in Illinois prayed that we might "never grow apathetic to the plight of unborn babies" and that "government officials act decisively to put an end to this gruesome practice."

Please watch his video and listen carefully to his words:

How anyone can watch what Planned Parenthood does in its clinics and not be disgusted and heart-broken is quite beyond me. Let us join our prayers to those of Bishop Paprocki.

1 comment:

  1. what would someone who would kill for convenience NOT do?

    Thousands of babies have been murdered every day for the last 40+ years. Funny how it isn't "real" to the capricious masses until "it's on TV," so to speak. What a lack of imagination. That's why the group my kids are in, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, displays gruesome pictures publicly. It's the only way to distract the hedonists from their pleasures long enough to get their soul-saving message across.