20 July 2015

Pixar teaches us the importance of sadness

A few weeks ago, I saw Pixar's newest movie Inside Out with my brother and his family. It is a movie I found deeply moving and its focus on the interplay between Joy and Sadness I found intriguing.

I knew the movie was on to something because, well, it just felt right. The important role of sadness seemed comfortable and natural, and rang true with what my melancholic personality knows and values. While society today tells us to avoid sadness at all costs, we melancholics often feel quite at home in sadness (which is not the same as depression).

Still, I've been pondering for sometime the best way to put these reactions, thoughts, and feelings into words, but without much success. However, I'm happy to say that Chris Hazell at Word on Fire has done this for me in his review, "Inside Out" and God's Gift of Sadness:
Pixar gets it right. And perhaps more than just a necessity, sadness may be one of the greatest gifts for which we thank God in the life to come. For in our sadness—in our suffering—we can experience the joy of knowing God’s unending mercy and love for us.
Be sure to read the whole thing and don't be afraid of sadness.

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