09 June 2015

Selfie sticks made a tourist's visit to Rome less pleasant

I don't know who Natasha Leggero is, but the ever-present selfie stick throughout the Eternal City made her vacation in Rome not as pleasant as she would have hoped. She's quite right when she told Jimmy Fallon there are "not enough people to accommodate all the selfie sticks for sale":

With the recent arrest of 44 members of the Roman mafia (and another 20-some still under investigation), Wanted in Rome reported that the number of illegal sidewalk vendors - especially those of selfie sticks - has noticeably diminished:

It looks like, after the latest Mafia Capitale arrests, all illegal vendors have disappeared from the centre of Rome. Fourth day in a row we've been checking. A coincidence?
Posted by Wanted in Rome on Monday, June 8, 2015

This is, I think, good news. Of course, the selfie stick vendors would go away would lose even a little of their self-absorption and stop taking selfies in the first place; there's nothing wrong with having a picture with you or me not in it.

(If someone how you've missed them in the past, you can read my thoughts on the selfie in these posts.)

Having been away in Manoppello this past weekend, I haven't been out and about in the streets of Rome in a few days. I hope the illegal sellers are still gone this evening, though, because I'll be showing one of my former soccer players around the city.

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