14 June 2015

The second year of three is nearly finished

The academic year here in Rome is finally nearing its end and my return home for the summer is fast approaching. First, though, I must finish my exams, which the canon law faculty of the Pontifical Gregorian University will hold this week.

The assessment of students within the canon law faculty of the P.G.U. is done principally through comprehensive exams over the text of the Code of Canon Law. This morning we will have two written exams (in which, as I understand it, four questions will be put before us, of which we will choose two to answer) and we will have two oral exams on Wednesday and Thursday (mine will both be Thursday morning).

After spending a good part of the past many days reviewing notes and looking through the Code itself, I'm beginning to feel a lot like this friar:

I think I am prepared for the exams, but since the professors can ask about anything covered both this year and last year (the first two of three years), it is not easy to tell; the amount of material is vast and the method of the exams (both written and oral) allows only for a few questions through to judge the knowledge of the students.

Because Saint Joseph of Cupertino is the patron of those taking exams, this morning I will ask his intercession before I return to my notes:
O humble St. Joseph of Cupertino, singularly favored by God in overcoming the difficulties of studies and the worry of examinations, implore the Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind and strengthen my memory in the search of His truth and wisdom. Help me especially in the decisive moments of these examinations, protecting me from that forgetfulness and disturbing anxiety which often affect me. May I succeed in offering to God my finest work and may I grow in knowledge, understanding, humility and charity. May everything that I attempt to learn in life be offered in faithful service to God, from whom flows that wisdom which leads to eternal life. Amen.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for me.

St. Raymond of Penafort, pray for me.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for me.

Holy Spirit, enlighten me.

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