12 June 2015

Selfish hearts before a generous Heart

As adult children go through the personal effects of their deceased parents, they often find a prayer book or two that has been lovingly used over the course of many years. Because such prayer books have - regrettably - fallen out of fashion these last few decades, the children often do not know what to do with them and give the to a priest. I have received several such books in this fashion, books which contain a veritable trove of beautiful, inspired, and challenging prayers.

Consider as one example this prayer in devotion to the Sacred Heart from a book "of prayers, parish devotions and church hymns compiled from approved sources and arranged for congregational praying and singing" and published by Buechler Publishing Company in 1919:
WLB Stuttgart, Cod. brev. 12, fol. 11r
All praise, adoration, and thanksgiving be to Jesus, for His most generous Heart, which conquered over death and hell. I am confounded with shame, when I look upon my own selfish heart, which is so averse to mortification and sacrifice, that even a cross look or passing word suffices to offend it. Henceforth I will earnestly strive to imitate the generosity of Thy Sacred Heart. Dearest Jesus, give me strength that, fighting and conquering sordid selfishness on earth, I may one day rejoice and triumph with Thy generous Heart in heaven.


O Sweetest Heart of Jesus! I implore that I may ever love Thee more and more.
He accepted mockery and derision and beatings and allowed his very heart to be pierced with a lance, all in love for us. What are we willing to suffer in love for him?

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like yours!

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