02 June 2015

The news you may have missed - 2 June 2015

  • Even if most doctors would rather ignore the dangers of oral contraception, a.k.a. "the pill," Time magazine is warning women that "using the Pill was linked to anywhere from a two- to more than four-fold increased risk of developing clots compared to women who didn’t take oral contraceptives" in a new study published in The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal - I guess even science today feels the need to be 'hip').
  • In other news regarding "the pill," it can now be had flavored like marijuana, but if that flavor doesn't suit you, you can also buy it flavored like chocolate or strawberry.
  • Hundreds of Muslims gathered outside the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul last week on the 562nd anniversary of the fall of the Christian city formerly as Constantinople to the Turks to demand the Hagia Sophia be restored as a mosque. Though currently a museum, the Hagia Sophia, built by the Emperor Justinian, was a Christian church 916 years before it was taken by the Muslims and converted into a mosque.
  • Security forces in the Archdiocese of Bujumbura (in Burundi) have foiled a second assassination attempt against His Excellency the Most Reverend Evariste Ngoyagoye, the Archbishop of Bujumbura.
  • A divorced Italian couple went to court to settle the matter of their son's diet. His mother fed him a vegetarian diet, but the father wanted him to eat meat. An Italian court sided with the father.

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  1. So odd- these court cases settling parental disputes.
    The one in Florida that sided with the father in favor of circumcizing their 4 year old has me shaking my head.