24 April 2015

Spread a little aloha all around the world, even in Rome

I set off this morning on my morning walk to pray before the relics of the Passion housed in the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Santa Croce in Gerusalemme) and decided to stop at the Holy Stairs beforehand.

When I began my return to the Casa Santa Maria from Santa Croce, I took a different route and am glad I did so. Something caught my eye as I walked along, surprising me enough to take a step or two backwards (thankfully no one was behind me) to make certain of what I thought I saw:

That simple aloha sighting put me in a singing mood, such that a certain song sung by  the Mana'o Company - which I very much enjoy - will likely be in my head for a day or two:

Frankly, it was a fitting reminder the Lord sent my way. I had venerated several of the relics from his Crucifixion and tomorrow I will go to venerate the Shroud of the Turin, the cloth wrapped around his body when he was placed in the tomb. All of these are signs of his love, signs of his aloha. The are the signs of the love he gave for us, the very same love - the same aloha - he calls us to share with everyone we meet.

As the tourists return to the Eternal City this is a fitting reminder indeed.

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  1. Spread a little Aloha. Thanks for the song! Now I wanna go back to Maui.