22 April 2015

Quincyans welcome 100th grandchild

It is not every day that a married couple welcomes their 50th grandchild into their family, but Leo and Ruth Zanger did that some years back. In fact, the parents of 12 children recently welcomed their 100th grandchild into the family:
"The good Lord has just kept sending them," Leo Zanger said of the grandkids. "We could start our own town." 

He was only half-kidding. 

"There's always room for one more," Ruth Zanger said. 

Leo and Ruth, who have been married 59 years, had 12 children of their own between 1956 and 1984. Daughter Linda, born in 1956, is the oldest at 58. The youngest is son Joe, 31, who was already an uncle 10 times over when he was born in 1984 [more].
As might be expected, family is of tremendous importance for the Quincy couple and this importance they passed on t the children:
Make no mistake about it, the Zangers are a close-knit group and proud of it. 

Most of the family lives in the immediate Quincy area. When they get together, it not only means renting out a church hall. It also involves about 50 pounds of ham or 10 turkeys. 

The family has a well-honed routine for who supplies what and how often. 

"Everyone takes their turn (in helping with food), and they all try and outdo each other," Donna said. "We are always getting together for something." 

The unofficial "mandatory" get-togethers are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. And don't worry, there are plenty of other "excuses" for them to gather. 

"We enjoy all of the family get-togethers," Leo Zanger said. 

For those who marry in to the family, it can be an adjustment, but a pleasant one.
 Congratulations to the Zanger family!

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