12 May 2014

The consequences of Cardinal Kasper's proposal

As the Catholic world continues to think through the recent suggestions made by His Eminence Walter Cardinal Kaspar concerning Catholics who have divorced and attempted a second marriage civilly - even though the sacramental bond of their first marriage remains - Sandro Magister has published a thoughtful letter by a missionary in Bangladesh.

Father Carlo Buzzi, a missionary under the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, explains in his letter that in his mission in Sirajganj and throughout Bangladesh, "we teach the catechism and to be clear we say that every sacrament has four elements: the minister, the matter, the formula, the miraculous event."

At the heart of his disagreement with the proposal of Cardinal Kaspar is precisely what such an action on the part of the Church would say. Father Buzzi summarizes it well:
But taking the route traced by Cardinal Kasper would cause serious harm:

1. It would make the Church superficial and accommodating;
2. One would have to deny the infallibility of the chair of Peter, because it would be as if all the previous popes had erred;
3. One would have to take as fools all those who gave their lives as martyrs to defend this sacrament.
His points are all true - though I do not recall seeing others put it quite so clearly - and would be well heeded.

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  1. I pray that we don't throw aside the sacrifice of those who after a 2nd civil marriage, have come to their senses and have abstained from receiving. There are so many who come forward, in a sense demanding Christ, without offering anything of themselves back.