16 May 2014

News Round Up - May 15th

The news you may have missed (which I forgot to post before going to bed last night):
  • Sometimes a news headline leaves you simply asking, "What?" That's what I asked after I read this headline: "Mozzarella arrests made after counterfeit cheese found in Italy". There are many laws in Italy which are publicly ignored both by criminals and the authorities (simply look on the sidewalks of Rome for evidence of this), but food they take seriously.
  • Unemployment rate: 5.1%
  • Population with bachelor’s degree: 13.7%
  • Median rent: $606
  • Commute time: 17.1 minutes
  • Bars per 10,000 people: 5.19
The Gem City is home to 62,000 people, many of whom apparently like bars. The commute is on the low side here, and the median rent is well below the average median rent of $720.
It is commonly said - with some exaggeration - that Quincy has a bar and a church on every corner. It was even said that Quincy had more bars than churches. That, however, is untrue. One of the sociology professors at Quincy University looked into this question and the numbers to be close, but churches outnumber bars.

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