24 May 2014

How did I make it in a Vatican official's tweet?

As we approach the end of the current academic year here at the Casa Santa Maria, we had the pleasure this evening of welcoming His Excellency the Most Reverend Jorge Carlos Patrón Wong, Secretary at the Congregation for the Clergy, who celebrated the Holy Mass for us and joined us for a celebratory dinner afterwards.

Before a series of toasts were made - one to the Holy Father, one to the United States of America, and one to the Casa Santa Maria - it was announced, much to the surprise of the priests of the house, that Archbishop Patrón sent out a tweet thanking us for our welcome. When he did so, he included a picture he asked to be taken following the Mass:
This was the first time - and likely enough the last - I've been in a tweet of a Vatican official.

For the curious, I have one more week of classes yet, followed by a two week study period before my final exams.

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